We are the World Leader in Baking Paper Technology
New U.S.A. Warehouse / Factory - New Jersey, United States of America

New Warehouse / Factory - New Jersey, United States of America

Founded in 1926, Novacart is the World's largest producer of paper products for the baking and confectionery trade. From raw materials we produce over one millions items per day from a product range of baking molds, cups, cake pan liners, doilies, cake boards and trays. Novacart continues to be an innovative leader in the paper products industry. Our in house state of the art technical department allows us to take a project from conception to completion without being dependent on outside sources or contractors. During the last 10 years Novacart has registered 22 patents worldwide. Internationally we manufacture in accordance with BGvv, Haccp and FDA regulations. We are also ISO 9002 certified.

Novacart selects only raw material suppliers who respect the environment. In Scandinavia for instance where several of our most important sources of raw materials are located, forest management has actually shown a net future increase in trees available for harvest do to aggressive reforestation efforts. In any manufacturing process there is a certain amount of waste by product, all of our paper waste is transferred to a recycling facility. We are continually pursuing new innovations within our production facilities to minimize waste.

Headquarters - Garbagnate Monastero, Italy

and the New Production Plant

Our 2nd New production plant - Bosisio Parini, Italy

Novacart since
1926 Sincert

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